Real Talk about the Real Housewives of Atlanta

In anticipation of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season premiering November 4, I decided to write a preliminary post about how I feel about the housewives individually. As I will be blogging about the episodes from time to time, I figured this would be a great precursor since the posts will be laced with my bias.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Bravo TV for kicking Sheree broke self to the curb ending your contract with Sheree. She was just deadweight to the RHOA franchise and I am glad someone had the vision to relieve us of our suffering eliminate her. However, she had a few great quotes. I personally enjoy this caricature of her since it captures all her moose-like qualities and my favorite quote. Anyways, I’ve already wasted enough words about her. On to the REAL housewives.


I will be talking about the currently returning housewives in order preference. So, needless to say Phaedra goes first.


What can I say about the professionally poised epitome of a Southern belle that is Phaedra? She is EVERYTHING. She just slays in every department of her life. Lawyer? Slays. Wife? Slays. Mom? Slays. That Weave? Slays. Fitness Queen? Slays. That Donkey Booty? Slays Slays Slays! Did I say I love everything about her? I just do. Especially when she be shading people with her cool, calm, and collected voice. Yas.


I like how chill Kandi is. The richest thang in that piece but just be chilling in that Kmart dress. No shade. Much. I really do like her though. She’s very down to earth and very smart. I love when she slick throws shade too tho. And her weave has its high points sometimes. She gets around with everybody so she can be involved in all the mess. Kind of like me.


That simple minded butt. Cynthia is pretty and her hair can be nice sometimes. Only in confessionals though. She likes to be dominated by everyone. I’m not into that. But I do love the friendship contract idea and have drafted it for several friends now. She’s my favorite comedy relief. Still trying to figure who wants NeNe more–Cynthia or her husband.


I liked her until she crossed my boo Phaedra. Point blank. That’s it. And why she so loud anyways?


So now you know how I feel about the Housewives. Let the commentary begin. đŸ™‚




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