7 Stages of Graduate Student Grief

I am in my last semester of full time grad classes and I must say, senioritis is in full effect. I’m tired. I remind myself daily that 2 degrees and a world of potential is more than 1.5 degrees and a world of potential. Simple math. As of late, when I have an exam or project I go through a sequential process to accomplish it. It is not unlike the 7 stages of grief that psychologists often reference. Anywhoo, I only have 15 minutes to write this post before I get off work so here they are:

1. Shock and denial.

I have soooooo much work to do. I can’t believe I let it pile up like this!

2. Pain and guilt.

This is all my fault. I should’ve been working on this all along. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

3. Anger and bargaining.

It’s the teacher’s fault for giving me all this crap to do! Don’t they know I have a life?! 

Dear seventh grade carpentry student Jesus, if you help me get through this I promise I will keep up with all my homework thus far. After tonight and my  jubilee tomorrow, I swear I’ll keep up.

4. Depression, reflection and loneliness.

I do this to myself every time. I have a problem. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

5. The Upward Turn.

Oh look, I wrote a paragraph. Never mind the equivalent of the 20 page term paper I wrote on Twitter.

6. Reconstruction and working through.

Look! Two paragraphs! And I haven’t tweeted in 5 minutes.

7. Acceptance and hope.

I finished my project/reading/studying. I made it again. *Breathes sigh of relief and pretends I won’t procrastinate next time*

In my honest attempt to not procrastinate, I’ve started reading for a quiz I have on Thursday. In all reality, I’ve only read one chapter and tweeted probably 30 times. Sigh, we can only hope.



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