The City of Refuge

I don’t claim to be a theologian by any merit, just a girl reading her Bible and sharing things that God has revealed. I hope it encourages you and blesses you.

Since July, I’ve been doing this Discipleship Journal Book-At-A-Time Bible year plan on the Youversion Bible app. It usually alternates between an Old Testament book and a New Testament book. I would say possibly in Exodus and definitely in Numbers and Joshua, the Bible talks about God designating certain cities to become cities of refuge. If a person was to accidentally (with no malicious attempt) kill someone, this person could flee to this city to avoid being avenged by the victim’s relatives. If found truly not guilty of intended murder, that person would stay in that city, safe from harm, until the current High Priest died. But if the person left that city before his time had come, his safety was not guaranteed and the relatives could kill him.

Like I said before, I read about the city of refuge a few times recently. At first I was like Cool story, bro. Safe cities and all. But today, I received a new interpretation of the city of refuge. Fast forward to modern day, God is our city of refuge. We sin, intentionally and unintentionally, but we as Christians have run to God as Our Protector. But like the person who has sought the safety of the city of refuge, we have to remain in that refuge to escape death or literally to live life without fear for our safety. In terms of our walk, we first ran to God when we first accepted Him as our Savior. To some extent, we all did it escape death but we also did it to live life. Just like the city of refuge represents life for the person, God represents Life for us. (I had to bold, capitalize that one. Because a Life with God is no ordinary life.) But like when the person’s safety becomes compromised as soon as he leaves the city of refuge, our safety as children of God gets compromised when we cease to interact with Him as we should, or leave the walls of His refuge. I thought that was cool little revelation, one I definitely needed to take heed to.

Love you guys,